Grappa Dei Frati

Grappa da vinaccia di lugana

The spirit, the essence, the fruit of distillation; from the soft noble marc of the ripe grapes, it takes its unique personality, delicate aromas and firm flavour. Dry, as tradition dictates, fragrant with a pleasing finale of liquorice and honey that can only come from painstaking and scrupulous distillation. Clean and precise like the original vine: Turbiana. A grape from our land that brings to the distillate unique properties of softness, elegance and, above all, savouriness and varietal aromas. A distillation method based on the slow passage at low temperature through copper stills that ensures everything obtained with so much effort in the vineyard is captured in the taste. To be enjoyed during an evening with friends, desserts with delicate creams, puff pastry biscuits and dry fruit, cooked fruit and to accompany the conversations at the end of the meal. Sprayed on raw fish, it becomes a noble ingredient of a dish fit for a king.

Technical data

Varieties of marc: 100% Turbiana
Distillation method: discontinuous
Type of distiller: small copper boilers
Distillation temperature: 110° in water vapour
Alcohol content: 43%
Refinement: in stainless steel
Ageing: a minimum of 24 months